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          Welcome to Jiangxi Kete Fine Powder Co, Ltd. website!
          Focus on the research and development, mining, deep processing and application of wollastonite mineral fibers

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          Friction materialMetallurgical specialSpecial for welding
          Friction material


          Acicular wollastonite: When used in friction materials, it can improve the stability of friction materials, reduce or eliminate cracking, greatly enhance the friction resistance and heat resistance of the finished product, and improve its physical and mechanical properties. And can replace or partially replace other fiber raw materials in friction materials, reduce the production cost of its products, and improve the added value of products. In the production of porcelain bonded abrasives and grinding wheels, it will greatly improve the melting speed and high temperature shock resistance, and can be used in brake pads, linings, clutches, valve plugs, pulleys, etc.

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