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          Focus on the research and development, mining, deep processing and application of wollastonite mineral fibers

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          Ordinary wollastonite: adding an appropriate amount of wollastonite to the ceramic raw material can greatly reduce the firing temperature, shorten the firing time of the product, realize low-temperature and rapid one-time firing, save a lot of fuel, and significantly reduce the product cost. Since wollastonite products do not contain alkali metals, it has good electrical insulation properties, and has both high impact strength and shape stability. This feature makes wollastonite used in precision ceramics and craft ceramics. The use of wollastonite instead of the white pigment in the glaze slip can increase the luster of the glaze, reduce the viscosity of the glaze slip, and greatly reduce the cost. Wollastonite can prevent microcracking, breakage and enamel defects of porcelain during the firing process of ceramic products. Due to the linear thermal expansion properties of wollastonite, the degree of product deflection can be reduced.

          Ultra-fine silica powder: In the production of ceramic products, it can be used for the blank and glaze of porcelain to effectively enhance the performance of ceramics. In the glaze, the silicon micropowder interacts with the fusible substances CaO, Na2O, K2O, and MgO, which can improve the gloss of the glaze and make it transparent and bright. Silicon micropowder has low thermal expansion coefficient and good heat resistance, which can prevent defects such as bending deformation during glaze sintering. Silicon micropowder has a high softening temperature and high liquid viscosity at high temperature, which can improve the plasticity of the glaze. Silicon micropowder can also enhance mechanical strength, improve glaze hardness, make ceramic crystal wear-resistant, chemically stable, and resistant to acid and alkali erosion.

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