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          Welcome to Jiangxi Kete Fine Powder Co, Ltd. website!
          Focus on the research and development, mining, deep processing and application of wollastonite mineral fibers

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          Wire and cable industry
          Wire and cable industry


          Ultrafine wollastonite: The use of wollastonite in cable materials can improve heat resistance, heat distortion temperature, aging resistance, and medium resistance. It also has good flame retardant properties, good mechanical properties in extreme climates, cold and heat resistance, high cost performance, and greatly reduces production costs. Widely used in mine cables, pipeline cables, telecommunication cables, marine wires and cables, outdoor wires and cables and other special engineering wires and cables.

          Ultra-fine talc powder: It can enhance the insulation, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and firmness of the outer skin of the wire and cable, and it can also prevent the cable from bonding problems caused by the weather.

          Superfine calcium carbonate: In cable products, it can improve electrical insulation performance, moderate pH, good compatibility with resin, good surface gloss, good toughness, can increase the amount of filling and reduce production costs.


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