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          Ultra- fine wollastonite: high-quality wollastonite powder is used as a filler in paint and coating products to replace part of lithopone and part of titanium dioxide, which can improve the leveling of coatings. The particle shape of wollastonite is a good suspending agent for coatings, and its precipitate is soft and dispersed, which can be used as a reinforcing agent for clean coatings. Because of its low oil absorption and high filling capacity, it reduces the consumption of adhesive substances, so the cost of coatings is greatly reduced. Wollastonite is alkaline, has good spraying performance, and has uniform distribution on the surface. It can connect pigments suitable for acidic media, and is very suitable for polyvinyl acetate coatings. It acts as a filler and can improve the corrosion resistance of steel coatings. In addition to water-based coatings and polyvinyl formal, it can also be used for primers, intermediate coatings, oil-based coatings, road marking coatings, sound insulation coatings, and refractory coatings. It can replace asbestos in asphalt coatings, and wollastonite can be used as a reinforcing agent in self-cleaning paints.

          Ultrafine calcium carbonate: In the coating industry, it can increase the thickness of the product coating and improve the wear resistance and weather resistance of the coating. After modification: In the water-based paint and powder paint industry, it can increase the solid filling amount, reduce the viscosity, anti-corrosion, improve product quality, and reduce production costs, with obvious economic benefits.

          Superfine talc powder: When talc powder is used for filling in paints and coatings, it can improve fluid properties, prevent precipitation, improve hiding power, improve adhesion and weather resistance, and also improve the suspension, drying, water resistance and resistance of coatings. chemical. At the same time, it can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide, reduce production costs, low oil absorption and good gloss.

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