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          Coating chemical grade talcum Rubber-Plastic grade talcum po
          Coating chemical grade talcum powder


          The product is a white powdery solid ground from high-quality talc. It is a magnesium silicate mineral with excellent physical and chemical properties such as lubricity, insulation, good covering power, softness, good gloss and strong adsorption. 


          Technical index (reference value):

          Chemical analysis of raw materials 

          Silica SiO2(%)


          Magnesium oxide MgO (%)


          Physical index

          Specific gravity


          Moh's hardness


          Technical index 



          Sieve residue (45um)


          Oil absorption


          Water soluble (%)




          pH value


          Granularity (mesh)

          600~3000 meshes can be produced


          In coatings and paints: The use of talc can improve fluid properties, prevent precipitation, improve hiding power, improve adhesion and weather resistance, and also improve the suspension, drying, water resistance and chemical resistance of coatings. It is widely used in powder coatings, water-based coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, waterproof coatings, marine coatings, aviation special coatings, color paints, single-component double-component multi-component paint coatings and other fields.

          In the paper industry: the use of talc can improve the evenness, flexibility, gloss, smoothness and ink absorption of the paper, and improve the printing and writing properties of the paper; the paper produced is smooth, delicate, and can save money raw materials, improve the service life of paper. Widely used in medium and high-grade electrostatic copy paper, double-adhesive paper, coated paper, writing paper and other cultural papers; carbonless copy paper, thermal base paper, aluminum foil lining paper, decorative base paper, industrial paper and other special papers.

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