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          uperfine calcium carbonate Activated calcium carbonate Ordinary calcium carbonate
          Activated calcium carbonate


          The product is made of ultra-fine calcium carbonate as raw material, adding saturated fatty acid and coupling agent for surface treatment, and surface treatment through surface activation equipment. It has low water content, good dispersibility, no agglomeration, and good hydrophobicity and lipophilicity. It has strong molecular affinity with rubber and plastic, and the filling amount is 2 to 5 times more than that of ordinary calcium carbonate, and the comprehensive production cost is obviously reduced. Mainly used in PVC product industry, calendered film, resin tile, foam board, profiled material and other industries.

          Technical indicators (reference value)






          MgO  (%)


          Degree of activation










          Good dispersion, low oil absorption

          White powder


          PVC processing field: It has good compatibility with PVC and its processing aids. In the process of PVC pipe extrusion, because of its good compatibility with PVC and processing aids, it can make PVC plasticization effect better, significantly Improve the tensile strength and elongation at break, and at the same time have a higher surface gloss, good toughness and give the pipe a yellowish white luster.

          Other processing fields: less plasticizer absorption, can improve the flexibility and stability of plastic products, reduce mold wear and improve production efficiency. It can improve the release performance of rubber products, increase the surface finish and flexibility. Can improve electrical insulation performance, moderate pH, good compatibility with resin. In the foamed board, the foaming is uniform and the stress is balanced, which can replace the light calcium in some products and reduce the production cost.

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