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          Focus on the research and development, mining, deep processing and application of wollastonite mineral fibers

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          Ultrafine wollastonite powder Needle-like wollastonite powdeActive wollastonite powder Ordinary wollastonite powder
          Active wollastonite powder


          The product is surface-treated with high-quality fatty acid, coupling agent and other active agents, and the particle surface of ultra-fine wollastonite powder is effectively coated and activated, and the activation rate of the product can be as high as 96%. It is characterized by good lipophilicity and easy dispersion in organic polymers, which can effectively improve its processing performance and reduce its production cost.

          Technical indicators (reference value)






          Degree of activation



          active agent, etc.









          Reinforcing, strengthening, anti-cracking

          off-white powder


          It is widely used in inorganic reinforcing fillers of polymer-based composite materials such as rubber, nylon, wires and cables, PVC soft and hard pipes, heterosexual plastics, shoe soles, engineering plastics, and other plastic products. After the wollastonite treated with the coupling agent is filled with polycarbonate, its elastic modulus is 3 times that of the unfilled one, and the strength is increased by about 15%. When it is filled into polyethylene, its strength and electrical insulation properties can be improved. In polypropylene, compared with unmodified wollastonite filler, the tensile strength and flexural strength are significantly improved under the same filling amount.

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