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          Focus on the research and development, mining, deep processing and application of wollastonite mineral fibers

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          Ultrafine Dolomite Powder Ordinary dolomite powder
          Ultrafine Dolomite Powder


          The main component of dolomite powder is magnesium calcium carbonate, and the crystal is a trigonal carbonate mineral, which is white. The crystal structure of dolomite is similar to that of calcite, the crystal form is rhombohedral, and the crystal plane is often curved into a saddle shape. The three groups of rhombohedrons are completely cleaved and brittle. Hardness 3-4, Specific gravity 2.8-2.9, mineral powder reacts slowly in cold dilute hydrochloric acid.


          Technical index (reference value):















          White powder


          Widely used in: rubber, building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture, environmental protection (sewage treatment), energy saving and other fields.

          Agricultural environmental protection: It is used to manufacture calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, granular fertilizer, magnesium sulfate and acid soil neutralizer in chemical agriculture.

          Glass products: Dolomite is an important raw material in the glass industry. Stable chemical quality and uniform and balanced particle size control are important guarantees for improving the glass yield.

          Other materials: used as a flux for basic refractories and blast furnace ironmaking; in building materials, it can be used as a ceramic ingredient and building stone.

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