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          Coating chemical grade talcum Rubber-Plastic grade talcum po
          Rubber-Plastic grade talcum powder


          Talc is a magnesium silicate mineral, mainly containing magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide; its product is white, bluish white. Because talc has low hardness and is a natural lubricant, it can reduce the wear on processing equipment and has good processing fluidity. We can produce superfine talc powder with different fineness from 800 mesh to 3000 mesh according to customer needs.


          Plastic field: The use of talc can effectively improve the molding shrinkage, surface hardness, surface scratch resistance, processing fluidity, and heat resistance of plastic products. Relatively fine talc can also improve the impact strength of plastic products; it also has a lubricating effect, can play a role in promoting flow, and improve the processing technology of plastics. Widely used in engineering plastics, filler masterbatch, modified plastics for vehicles, EVA granulation, wood plastic, composite materials and other industries.

          Rubber field: the use of talc powder can reduce the shrinkage of the hot melt adhesive, change the crystallization speed, prevent the glue from penetrating, improve the heat resistance of the hot melt adhesive, and improve the aging resistance, electrical properties, hardness, or other physical properties of the sealant. Use process properties to provide good extrudability and thixotropy, etc. Enhance the insulation, aging resistance and corrosion resistance of wires and cables; the robustness of the outer skin, and also prevent the cable from bonding problems caused by weather. Widely used in hot melt adhesive, sealant, underwater adhesive, pipeline and cable, engineering wire and cable, rubber foam and other industries.

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